The guy who takes your daughter to prom. The guy who leads your mission trip to El Salvador. The guy who gives the pep talk to the 5th grade CYO team before they go out and dominate the second half. Tim Tebow is perfect for all of these things.

He just isn’t perfect as an NFL starting quarterback. In fact, he isn’t average as an NFL starting quarterback. Nothing against Tebow. I like him. But, he isn’t among the 16 or so men who can regularly win games as an NFL starting QB (or the two or three currently in the college ranks who will join that group).

He’d be a great CEO. He’d be a great choice to escort fellow Gator Erin Andrews to the ESPYs. He would be horrible in a cameo appearance on “Sister Wives.” He has heart. He has intangibles. He has a way of rallying grown men to push themselves a little harder than others can.

But the NFL is a tangible league. It’s a game where star power forwards become average NFL tight ends. The NFL is where bench-pressing 225 pounds 30 times will get you a try-out, but not a guaranteed paycheck.

Above all the things I’ve mentioned, Tim Tebow would be a solid starting NFL fullback and would have a nice career making tackles on punt coverage.

It’s not Tebow’s fault that Josh McDaniels drafted him in the first round. It’s not Tebow’s fault that all of Colorado has forgotten about John Elway’s skill set and think that Tebow can actually win NFL games consistently. Perhaps offensive lineman will block with a little more gusto if you’re the one leading them in the huddle. But those intangibles won’t get the football out of your hand quicker with defensive ends closing in on you. Those intangibles won’t put that throw on a receiver’s numbers as they come out of a break on an out route.

The Elias Sports Bureau says Tim Tebow is the first quarterback to overcome a 15-point deficit with less than three minutes remaining in a game. Tebow is also the quarterback you saw for the first 57 minutes of that game. And that win came against a Miami Dolphins team with Matt Moore at quarterback that would struggle to be in the top 10 of this week’s BCS standings.

People look at Tim Tebow and say he won’t be successful because they haven’t seen a Tim Tebow-type have success in the past. Maybe that is ignorant. At the same time, the skill set and tangibles of those quarterbacks who have won consistently – Montana, Elway, Unitas, Brady, Manning – share many common attributes.

I’m not wishing that Tim Tebow doesn’t have success; I’m just not banking on it. Correction. I think Tim Tebow will have a lot of success. It’s just likelier to be as my life coach than as an NFL starting quarterback.